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Mission Statement

Old Kapa’a Town Business Hui’s mission is to be an organization that supports business collaborations. These collaborations include group marketing and event planning. We are promoting Old Kapa’a Town not only for the commercial benefits but to educate and preserve the cultural history of this town. Through its efforts, we plan to support community outreach and revitalization projects to benefit the town as a whole.

Beginning of Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui

Jeni Kaohelaulii of Old Kapa‘a Town started to form Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui in June of 2019 as a community organization to support collaborative events on Kaua‘i’s east side. 

To begin, she met with organizers of Keep it Kaimuki to discuss her ideas for Kapa‘a and to research the successes and hurdles of operating in a historic small town of Hawai‘i. 

From there, she reached out to other Old Kapa‘a Town small business owners. A question was then pitched to the grassroots group on whether to team-up with an existing non-profit, and if so, which would be best or to start a non-profit of their own; and how can they best reach their collaborative goal? 

“As far as ‘little businesses’ go, there was no other organization at that time doing the same efforts,” said Jeni. 

And so, at the end of 2019 there was a vote amongst the business owners for Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui to become a non-profit. 

Meet the Board

Each member of the board has experience working as a community organizer, or with non-profits.

Together, they make up the board of Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui and operate as a non-profit. 

Both, Natasha and Maile, acclaim Jeni as the “go-getter” behind the organization’s development. But big projects are only possible with collaboration. Jeni provides a vision to collaborate, Natasha is motivated to learn to put together grants and projects, and Malie’s commitment comes from the heart. 

They are confident in pursuing this type of work to volunteer their talents, knowledge and time in hopes to better the community of Old Kapa‘a Town and to support small businesses. 

Working as a team they’ve successfully secured CARES ACT funds in 2020 and a Rise to Work grant in 2021 for ongoing projects in Old Kapa‘a Town. These funds launched projects in support of the twenty-four members of Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui, as well as other small businesses on the island. 

They believe that together, with each others’ support and the involvement of others, Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui can strive towards bigger, greater goals in the future; like murals, storefronts refresh, and building a stronger online presence through videos and blogs. 

Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui is a young organization, as they grow they are adding successes to their portfolio, and planning for future goals to continue to support collaborative events and the local community of Kapa‘a and Kaua‘i’s east side.

Featured Projects

Old Kapaʻa Town is always hard at work supporting the community. Check out our latest projects!

Old Kapaʻa Town Murals

Kapaʻa Murals

A project inspired by previous generations is the most recent event for Old Kapa‘a Town Business Hui where international muralist Caleb Aero presents a series of paintings incorporating throwback images of historic Kapa‘a Town featuring Hawaiian trees and canoe-voyaging plants, which are also the street names for the side streets of Old Kapa‘a Town.

Woman on a bike in Old Kapaʻa Town

Rise to Work

Kauaʻi County's Rise to Work program helped provide temporary job opportunities during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Program participants were able to work with local employers and gain valuable professional connections during the 12-week program.

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